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Over 10 years of experience!

At Aspire Uma Academy, we aim to be the hub of modern self-defence and martial arts. We set up our school in the heart of the community of Eastleigh so that people of all ages could master the art of self-defence, find an outlet for self-development, and enhance their general wellbeing. We want to give back to our community and encourage positive change in ourselves and our students. 
At our martial arts academy we do not promote competition. Instead, we look to enhance your fitness and wellbeing through the dedicated practice of martial art. Our sessions are for people aged 7 and up, as well as for those who are eager to learn practical skills. 
Our motto is "Prepared, Dynamic, Strong" and encompasses the virtues that we aspire to every day. These are the three qualities that we believe help you to achieve any other goals that you set for yourself. We welcome all of our students to aim for their very best self and help them every step of the way! Why not book your first session with us today?

Martial Art Academy in Eastleigh
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Assistant Instructor


New to martial arts but a natural, Mrs Griffiths works well with all levels of student and provides good technical ablity. An inspriation to our female students.


We offer our programmes to people of all ages. Our evening classes are perfect for fitting in with your day to day life too! Whether you are 7 or 87, we have the perfect class for you.

Young girl training

Designed for the younger generation! Our programmes are fun, engaging, and come with so many benefits. Find your passion in life. Our junior training programmes start at age 7.

Whether you are looking to build your fitness, confidence, or even your friendship circle, our adult programmes are perfect for you! Work on your self defence and mindset all in one session!

couple sparring
martial arts instructor training

Is it time to take it up a gear? Have you been practising martial arts for a number of years and need a new challenge? Why not train to be an instructor?