National Anti-Bullying Week

November 2020

It was National Anti-bullying week this week and as a martial arts academy we support this cause and will do all we can to help those in need. There is no place for bullying of any kind. But can you identify bullying if you experience it first hand or witness somebody else getting bullied?

The more obvious signs of bullying might include:

  • Physical assault
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Name calling

But we should also consider bullying that may occur online via social media platforms, gaming sites, messaging apps and chat rooms. Cyber bullying is becoming ever more prevalent and young people, in particular, should be careful who they engage with and what information they share or post online.

From our perspective, belief in oneself is the key. Displaying low self esteem or defensive body language plays a big part in how people react and behave toward you. Stand tall and be bold to show an air of confidence wherever possible. The BullyingUK website suggests that this isn’t always easy to do and you should try practising confident body language at home or with friends you trust.

However, through our UMA martial arts program, we have been able to boost the confidence and self-esteem in many of our students' lives. Young or old, male or female. This is why we believe we can have a positive impact against bullying. We offer a strong set of principles and practical self defence that can empower the student to be strong, seek resolution to conflict and if needed, defend in a self controlled manner.

For those who are experiencing bullying, there are a number of options available to you. First and foremost - Speak out, don't keep it to yourself.

For more details and guidance follow:

We welcome new students with no prior experience of any age over 7 and certainly, we believe we can bring out the best in you. As an accredited BMABA Academy, Aspire UMA enforces a zero tolerance towards bullying and has in place an anti-bullying policy. Book your free session here.

Aspire UMA Academy will be rolling out monthly self-defence workshops in partnership with AFC Stoneham next year. This is part of a club wide initiative to support local community projects in Eastleigh and Southampton. We are proud to be a part of this programme, offering martial arts in this way and supporting the national charity BullyingUK. For more details email: or call 07734 957444