September 2020

Its important to recognise how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to bring back a little bit of normality to our students (new & existing). But it is under the strictest of measures and so it should be. Attack shields and focus pads cleaned and ready. Dojang floors, marked out and disinfected. PPE and COVID policy in place. We are all set to welcome in our new students next week at the Blue Butterfly Studios in Eastleigh. Albeit with a final test run in a venue that is already well organised and managed. How different will a class be? In the short term close range combat drills will be restricted to those from the same household. One of many good reasons why we encourage families to join. Defence drills using shields and pads will also be restricted. However, there is an opportunity during these times to focus on fitness and technique. Our Metabolic Resistance training (MRT) will support our students fitness goals while our combination work will help hone technical skills. In fact, this makes for a perfect time to take up a martial art, spend quality time with friends and family while giving your mental health a boost and keeping fit at the same time.

Aspire UMA Academy is a Universal Martial Art for men and women of any age with no prior experience needed. To learn more visit our home page https://aspire-academy.co.uk/ or call Sabumnim Griffiths on 07734 957444

The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association have taken great steps to support its members in reopening martial arts schools across the UK. We recognise that the personal safety of students and instructors is paramount to ensure we can open (for the first time next week) and stay open.